100 Years of “New Technologies”: Teaching a Foreign Language with Technology from 1918 to 2018

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One of Extempore’s founders has recently published an article in the popular Educational Technology blog EmergingEdTech. You can read it in full here, but today we want to highlight the main lesson from this analysis: that technology always moves on, that there is always resistance to its adoption, but that overall, the trend is always to better, easier and more effective tools. Students learn more, and they learn faster, when the right technology is applied in the right way.

Extempore is at the pinnacle of this evolution: replacing installed systems with a purely cloud-based solution, independent of a client’s network, is a trend that we are seeing across all industries. That schools across the world are using Extempore to replace legacy language labs is simply a manifestation of a long-overdue shift in the language-teaching world.