The Year in Review

As we close 2016, we’d like to share with you the highlights of these last 12 months, which have been momentous for our young company. First and foremost, we need to thank you, our users. From those who took a leap of faith and bought a product with no track record (Boston College, Horace Mann,[…]

Using Extempore for PTE Speaking Practice

We’ve shown numerous times on our blog that Extempore is the perfect educational tool for speaking practice, especially in the world language classroom. It’s useful for anything from interactive classroom activities to extra speaking practice at home. However, because of Extempore’s unique features, which I’ll talk about below, it can also be particularly handy for someone preparing to take[…]

The Problems with World Language Presentations and How to Fix Them-Part 2

Hopefully you read our post last time about the problems that many students encounter with giving presentations in a world language classroom. I wrote a little bit about how a “speed-dating” or “marketplace” format can actually put students at ease and promote a fun, more vibrant, and more engaged classroom atmosphere on presentation day. Today,[…]