New Extempore Release (#50)

We are happy to announce a major upgrade to the way students sign up to use Extempore. Starting today: Students will be able to sign into Extempore with one step: when they click on your class link, they will be taken to a sign-up screen. After filling out the form, a username will be automatically[…]

Dear Abby, How Can I Practice the Imperative?

First things first. Your students probably have never heard of the Dear Abby advice column. Maybe you haven’t either. But that’s OK; it still provides a good context for your students to practice using the imperative mood in the language that they’re studying and it can be accomplished very easily on Extempore. I’m actually working with my[…]

10 Reasons to Learn Another Language

Sure, you’ve probably heard someone say–and maybe you’ve even said it yourself–that everyone speaks English, so what’s the point in putting a ton of effort into learning a new language? We at Extempore certainly don’t subscribe to that notion. In fact, we think learning a new language is one of the most enriching challenges that you[…]