Five things to love about Extempore’s refreshed web interface

Yes, all great products periodically go through the self-review process of analyzing how their web interface flows and coming up with improvements. That is what we just did.  We are launching a redesigned web interface for instructors and here are five things to love about it. Faster instructor experience. You are now less clicks away from[…]

Promoting Extempore Among Your Faculty

Instructional Technologists, Department Chairs, or Language Program Coordinators are often tasked with promoting innovative teaching solutions to more effectively meet the program’s learning objectives. However influential these administrative roles may be, their success in leading and implementing curricular innovation at the program level is contingent upon motivating individual faculty to support any initiatives. Here is[…]

How do you pronounce Extempore? It depends.

When we launched Extempore, in the summer of 2016, we chose the name as a way to highlight that our app allows instructors to obtain spontaneous speech from their students. Extempore, after all, is Latin for “said without preparation”.  As you know, we were trying to solve the problem of students writing down their answers[…]

Growing oral proficiency: Five ways to help students move from intermediate to advanced level

Making the Jump: Intermediate to Advanced Proficiency If you teach advanced courses, you experience this phenomenon: students who can write fairly complex texts, but who still speak (if they don’t avoid speaking tasks altogether) only in the present or past tenses, with very simple sentences, and offering very few details. This may be the result[…]