Extempore’s July Release

Managing Students Extempore’s recent release has re-structured how classes and students are presented, in order to make it easier to re-use a class’ content from one semester or school year to the next. The “Students” tab has been removed and all its functionality is now on the”Manage Class” page, where you’ll see all students who have[…]

Learner Autonomy Can Lessen Language Anxiety

We have advocated before for establishing a classroom environment that fosters learner autonomy as a more effective way to promote language learning. One reason why autonomous learning is good for language development is that it helps reduce the anxiety related to foreign language learning. What are autonomous learning and foreign language anxiety? Autonomous learning is[…]

How to prepare for the AP Language and Culture spoken responses and the IB Individual Oral exam with Extempore

Both AP and IB language exams are attractive assessment options for high school students to demonstrate that they are ready for college-level work. Universities use these standardized tests to help their admissions and placement decisions, and many even award credit based on a particular score in those exams. In the case of foreign language oral[…]