Backward Planning, Tasks and Extempore and Other IT tools

Small-scale research into how pronunciation can be improved in the new normal using state-of-the-art methodology The challenge of integrating the pronunciation component into lesson design Designing state-of-the-art lessons could be all but a challenge. Many teachers are faced with the need to cover the syllabus and so, simply focus on turning the pages of coursebooks[…]

A Task-Based Lesson Sequence to Teach the English Front Vowels

Designed using Backward Planning, integrative task support, the Flipped Classroom Model, Extempore, and other tech tools: The current lesson sequence was designed thinking the steps suggested by the Backward Design (Wiggins and McTighe, 2005) presented below. These activities have all been part of a small scale study conducted 2020. To help students retrieve schemata and[…]