AP® World Language Practice Exams

Extempore: An All-in-One Tool Perfect for AP® World Language Exam Practice

With Extempore, you can easily create formative and summative assessments that align with each section of AP World Language exams in order to reach learning targets and prepare your students for the real thing come May each year. Whether you're a first-time AP teacher or a seasoned veteran, the Extempore platform makes it easy to organize exam preparation and provide your students with the practice and support they need to succeed. 

Don't have time to create your own practice activities? We have you covered. Extempore users have access to Commons, a constantly updating database with tasks for all modes of communication, language skills, and proficiency levels. Within Commons, you can find ample AP practice content for all sections: interpretive listening and reading, email reply, persuasive essay, simulated conversations, and cultural comparisons. See below for examples from Chinese, French, German, Japanese and Spanish (both AP Spanish Language and AP Spanish Literature).

Please note: individual teachers have access to all our practice exams by signing up for our free Extempore Lite Account as well as our new simulated conversation feature until May 31st, 2023. 

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Set up multiple choice practice assessments by uploading authentic texts and creating your own questions or use pre-existing ones found in Commons. You can also include audio clips to mimic the experience of combined print and audio texts and prompt students with questions about themes, organizational features, tone, symbolism, inferencing, and  the author’s perspective or purpose.



Create prompts for email replies, including all parts of formal correspondence and allowing students to type their responses directly. For interpersonal speaking, use Extempore's simulated conversation templates, which include pre-adjusted timing parameters and instructions, and upload pre-recorded audio or record directly for an authentic exam day experience.



Use Extempore to host practice prompts analyzing authentic resources and scaffold the persuasive essay by breaking it down into one paragraph or source at a time. The cultural comparison part of the AP exam is also covered in Extempore by creating a practice in which students record a spoken comparison of the target culture and their home culture based on a given topic. This question can be combined with a simulated conversation prompt to create a bona fide exam experience.

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