Blog Series: Using Extempore for Advanced Placement (AP®) Exam Practice

AP® Language and Culture exams award some of the highest potential college credits for our students, and success on these exams has a real impact impact on their futures. Our "behind the screens" teachers at Extempore with over ten years of classroom experience understand the expectations of AP and take them seriously, having taught these classes prior.

Whether you are teaching AP® for the first time or are a seasoned veteran, we know that teachers are always looking for new and better ways to help students meet the learning targets while also providing the most authentic testing experience possible. Extempore allows you to streamline your formative and summative assessments while modeling the AP® testing experience for our students.

You may recall previous posts that we've had on AP prep, but we wanted to provide a comprehensive update. In this two-part blog series, learn how you can use Extempore to facilitate all modes of AP practice for your language students.

Watch the blog breakdown below.

Part I - Interpretive-based multiple choice

In this section, we break down the first section of the AP language exam: interpretive-based multiple choice questions, including both listening and reading comprehension. For Japanese and Chinese teachers, we have you covered too: there's even a short section discussing rejoinders. 

Read the full post about the interpretive section here

Part II - Output-based language production

The second section of the exam assess students' ability to produce the target language in both the interpersonal and presentational modes. From email responses to simulated conversations to cultural comparison prompts, Extempore can easily facilitate AP® speaking and writing practice and preparation. 

Likewise, for Chinese instructors, students can also practice the 'create a story' prompt via an image upload.  

Read the full post about the output-based section here.

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Blog Series: Using Extempore for World Language AP Exam Practice