Extempore: Helping the Over-scheduled Student

We at Extempore have taught at several different institutions: middle schools, high schools, private colleges, large state universities, and community colleges. Because of this, we've seen nearly every type of student under the sun (and there are many!), but what's common to all of these learning environments is the sense that many of our students are over-scheduled, though oftentimes for very different reasons. list-820965_960_720 Sometimes it's a part- or full-time job that occupies a student's attention; other times family commitments compete with homework time. At my school, many students are swamped with extracurricular activities like music lessons, drama rehearsals, and late-starting sports practices. Many of them don't even leave campus until well after dark, thus leaving limited time for them to complete homework assignments when they get home. We think Extempore is the perfect educational tool that helps ease the effects of over-scheduling, while still providing students the routine practice that is necessary to build language skills.

Submit assignments on-the-go

As I said above, lots of students at my school are awfully busy, but many have down-time between their many extracurricular endeavors. With Extempore, they can record and submit homework assignments through their mobile devices during these moments, whether it's at the bus stop, at the library during a free period, in the student union, or while waiting for soccer practice to start.

Complete assignments on own time

Oftentimes, especially at the college level, periodic interviews occur and students need only show up for their particular time slot. Well, with Extempore, there's no need to make special arrangements to make a 10-minute interview--now that can be completed easily at home whenever a student's schedule permits.

Reduce anxiety and promote autonomy

There's been a lot of discussion lately about the effects of over-scheduling our youth. Many students (and many adults, too, I'm sure!) often feel like they're being shuttled back and forth from one thing to the next, which can lead to stress and anxiety. Extempore's mobility and flexibility allows students to decide when and where they complete their school work, thus giving them a sense of autonomy and control in their school routine.