Extempore: Helping the Over-scheduled Teacher

Perhaps you read our related post about Extempore being a great example of teaching technology that can help simplify the lives of some of our more over-scheduled students. With Extempore, learners can submit assignments online whenever and wherever their schedule permits, which in turn can reduce anxiety and foster student autonomy. But, of course, any good educational tool should also benefit the teacher. We think Extempore does just that; it's a win-win for students and teachers alike!


Many of us here at Extempore are teachers ourselves, and we know exactly what it's like to feel "over-scheduled", both within our professional lives, as well as within our personal lives. But with our app, we teachers can work more productively while still ensuring that our students are consistently submitting meaningful and worthwhile assignments. Here are some of the benefits that we feel Extempore brings to the over-scheduled teacher:

  • Grade on-the-go

    Just like many of our students, we teachers often find ourselves over-scheduled, going from place to place or meeting to meeting, running errand after errand. And sometimes, while waiting for your daughter's soccer practice or son's violin lessons to finish, maybe you'd like to knock out some of your grading. Maybe the long bus ride takes a little too much out of your morning routine. Great news! Extempore's mobility and easy-to-use rubrics allow you the choice to grade wherever and whenever you'd like. Instead of dreading the grading waiting for you at home, you can tackle it right away while you're killing time somewhere else.
  • Easy assignment submission

    I know from firsthand teaching experience that recording, saving, and listening to my students' oral interviews can be incredibly tedious and time-consuming. Even worse, it takes away from that precious time we need to prep our lessons and give valuable feedback to our students. One of the great features of Extempore, though, is that submission of student output is delivered to straight to your doorstep (so to speak) and is automatically saved in the system so that you can return to grade whenever you'd like.
  • Teacher autonomy and anxiety reduction

    We mentioned the idea of reducing anxiety and promoting autonomy in our post about over-scheduled students, but we think this is equally valid for us teachers. I know I've certainly felt anxious about my growing stack of ungraded homework, especially when I feel like I can't leave school for the day until I get it done. But with Extempore, grading and providing student feedback becomes a much more streamlined process that I can accomplish whenever and wherever I want.