Getting Started with Extempore: First Steps, Quick Tips and More


Welcome to Extempore! Like starting anything new, learning how to use a new tech application for your classroom can take some time. Follow the steps below, and you and your students will soon feel comfortable using a platform that saves teachers time on assessments, reduces student anxiety, and houses a comprehensive portfolio of students’ language progress and prowess. Let’s get started! Feel free to also watch the below webinar for a more detailed discussion on using Extempore with your students.

Introducing Extempore to your students

We at Extempore know how fun it is to see all the possibilities for language practice on the platform, but we also know that the real fun begins when you add your students. Here are a few tips to ease your students into Extempore.

Provide your class link in an accessible place

First, find your link at the top of your class page on Extempore.

Class link on instructor homepage

Next, copy the link and paste it into a conspicuous area on your class’s LMS (i.e. Google Classroom, Schoology, Canvas, Blackboard, etc.).

Finally, inform your students that to access Extempore, they should click the link, create an account (if they don’t have one), and follow the prompts to be successfully enrolled in the class.

Practice together

Once all your students are enrolled, it’s time for a practice session. In order for teachers to acquaint their students with Extempore, we’ve created Extempore 101, a mock assessment for students to try out the platform. It has questions with pictures, videos, and timers for students to simply get a feel for the platform without having the pressure of speaking the target language looming over them.

Import Extempore 101 to your account by clicking the button below, and feel free to make changes (like replacing the video of our Community Manager Grant in #4 😄) to suit your classes’ needs.

Import Extempore 101 Here

Example prompts from 'Extempore 101' practice assessment

Include language in your syllabus (for higher-ed)

If you teach in a higher-ed setting, it’s recommended to include language about Extempore in your syllabus, and if you feel comfortable, leave your course link (or a shortened link for printed out syllabi) at the end and have your students join your class before your course begins. Feel free to copy and paste the below text into your course outline (and don’t forget to add the link within!).


This semester we will be using an application called Extempore to facilitate extra speaking practice and other language assessments. On Extempore you will submit assignments directly and receive feedback on your progress. To save time, please click here to add our class and create an Extempore account. Once you have joined the class, consider as well downloading the app from the App Store or Google Play. Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns.

For instructors who use student-paid licenses, consider adding the language below.

Our version of Extempore is student-paid. This means that once you click on the link above to access my class, you will be directed to pay, and then you will be able to access the course. The cost is $12 for the semester.

Finally, consider having the Extempore 101 intro assignment mentioned above already prepared in your class (with relevant start and end dates) and encourage your students to try it out.

In order for you to see how the app works, I’ve created a practice assignment titled “Extempore 101.” Navigate to Extempore and try it out when you can!

Other Extempore Tips

  • When using Extempore to facilitate language output, aim for tasks — real world applications of the language. To get an idea of what this looks like, check out our importable tasks page or our blog on the topic.
  • Our timers are one of the most popular features, but ease your way into using them. Using timers right away can impose a lot of extra pressure on students, and this will impact their performance. Make sure they are comfortable with the language and content at hand, and use timers only for summative assessments.
  • You’re not limited to assessments! Extempore is a canvas for speaking practice and other extra opportunities to engage with the target language. Need some more ideas? Check out our blog on four unique ways to use Extempore.

Helpful links

  • Extempore help center: answer any other questions you may have about the platform.
  • Importable tasks page: free real-world tasks for you to use in your classroom.
  • Our blog: discussion about popular topics in language teaching and all things Extempore.
  • LMS Integrations: connect Extempore with your learning management system.

Learning more about Extempore

  • Follow us on social media to learn about new blog posts, product updates, upcoming webinars, and other learning opportunities.
  • As always, you can schedule a training session with us at any time. Reach out to one of us here. Happy teaching!

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