Getting Started with Extempore: First Steps, Quick Tips and More

Last Updated on 2021-03-08Welcome! Welcome to Extempore! Like starting anything new, learning how to use a new tech application for your classroom can take some time. Follow the steps below, and you and your students will soon feel comfortable using a platform that saves teachers time on assessments, reduces student anxiety, and houses a comprehensive[…]

Unique Ways to Use Extempore #3: Freewrites / Freetalks

Last Updated on 2021-01-19If your students were dropped into the target language environment by themselves right at this second, what could they do? Could they survive with more than just primitive hand signals? “Freewrite” and “freetalk” assignments give you those answers. These tasks allow students to show what they can do in the target language[…]

Unique Ways to Use Extempore #2: Dictation

Last Updated on 2021-01-29I know, I know. Dictation? Yes, dictation. Sure, our students will likely never have to write out what they are hearing in real time outside of a school setting (are there careers as bilingual courtroom stenographers?), but that doesn’t mean there’s no use for dictation in the language classroom. Among its numerous[…]

Blog Series: 4 Unique Ways to Use Extempore to Enhance Your Language Teaching

Last Updated on 2021-01-29Part I – Overview Extempore, The Speaking Practice App, that’s us. On Extempore, flexible features can help you craft immaculate assessments and extra speaking opportunities for your students. It’s also a solution for a plethora of needs in the language class, including real-world tasks, simple end of class exit tickets, as well[…]

Multiple Choice Questions Are Here! [Extempore Update]

Last Updated on 2021-01-15As we do every year, we use the summer break to push updates to the platform. Some of these updates are major new features; but many others are small tweaks, performance and usability improvements that are reported to us during the year. That being said, we’re excited to announce the first one[…]

Extempore’s New Release – Archiving Classes and Email Notifications

Last Updated on 2018-01-16Extempore 4.6 is now available with two highly sought-after features: Archiving Classes You can now archive old classes. Archiving a class will remove it from your Classes tab, unenroll all students and delete all attempts. The content of an archived class can be restored from the “Archived Classes” page, but students and[…]

Troubleshooting – Chrome and Firefox Issue might affect Extempore on Mac Laptops

Last Updated on 2018-01-22It has recently been reported that a bug between Chromium (the backend used by internet browsers Firefox and Chrome) and the CoreAudio library of macOS might cause Chrome to fail to connect to the laptop’s microphone and camera when the laptop is woken up from sleep.   If you use Extempore’s student[…]

Extempore’s New Release- “View as student” and other updates

Last Updated on 2017-10-30Extempore is launching an updated version of the Content Management System aimed at simplifying the instructor experience. New features include: 1.- “View as student” button Going forward, you won’t need to create a student in order to view your oral assignments. Clicking on the “View Class as Student” link will create a[…]

Managing your subscription in Extempore

It can be difficult to manage the number of students in your class: people drop off, move classes, change levels, etc… If you have an institutional subscription, however, there are a number of ways to handle this: Make use of your bonus students Remember that all institutional accounts include an unlimited number of instructors and[…]

Extempore’s July Release

Last Updated on 2017-07-19Managing Students Extempore’s recent release has re-structured how classes and students are presented, in order to make it easier to re-use a class’ content from one semester or school year to the next. The “Students” tab has been removed and all its functionality is now on the”Manage Class” page, where you’ll see all[…]

Whole Class Speaking Activities: Dos and Don’ts

Last Updated on 2018-08-28Have you witnessed a time when ALL your students were actively participating in the target language in a whole class discussion? Unless you teach highly motivated graduate students in small classes, I’m afraid the experience of a successful whole class discussion is not very frequent. And by successful I mean that the[…]

But my students can’t assess their own progress!

Last Updated on 2017-07-11It turns out they can, and rather accurately. Paula Winke (2014), from the University of Michigan, studied how a group of learners’ self-ratings of their oral performances in Chinese compared to the ratings provided by two Chinese language experts. She found that learners’ self-assessments largely coincided (roughly 90% of agreement) with those[…]

Unique Scavenger Hunts for Your Classes

Last Updated on 2019-12-02Do you need a couple of fun activity ideas to fight end-of-the-year boredom? Do you love scavenger hunts for language learning? If you answered yes to both questions, this post is for you. Scavenger Hunt Idea # 1 Have students record short videos about a personal experience (for example, your best summer[…]

Five things to love about Extempore’s refreshed web interface

Last Updated on 2017-07-11Yes, all great products periodically go through the self-review process of analyzing how their web interface flows and coming up with improvements. That is what we just did.  We are launching a redesigned web interface for instructors and here are five things to love about it. Faster instructor experience. You are now less[…]