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In this blog, we have written about the many ways in which Extempore can help foreign language teaching. We have also discussed online teaching, and general tips and tricks to increase speaking in the classroom, and out of it.

We have not yet covered an increasingly popular use of Extempore, though – as a companion to language tutoring. If you tutor someone in order to teach a foreign language (or as part of an accent reduction program, or in a speech therapy program, or public speaking, or pretty much anything else that requires speaking practice…) you will meet once or twice a week in a physical location or online. After each meeting, you might assign reading homework, a writing task… but you most likely don’t assign speaking practice, because, until Extempore came along, there wasn’t a tool that allowed you to capture spontaneous speech in a straightforward way.

We now have a partner who’s also focused on better serving language tutors (amongst others) – our friends at Coach develop the market’s only comprehensive online tutoring platform for tutors: from website creation and schedule management to billing, a tutor who uses Coach can build a complete practice without having to look anywhere else.

Together with Coach we are exploring ways to add value to our customers. Do you use both systems? Have you considered using one or both? Is there anything you would like to see us do, together or separately?

Let us know in the comments section below!

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