Extempore at the 2017 AATSP Conference in Chicago

On Friday July 7, at 8 am CT, we’ll be offering a workshop on how to use The Extempore App to promote oral skills in and out of the classroom.

If you’re attending the conference

Join us for this 75-minute workshop to learn more about why Extempore is revolutionizing the way foreign languages are taught. Discover best practices to make the most of Extempore’s features and share with us your insights as an instructor who prioritizes speaking skills, and really wants students to talk more in the target language.

I’ll share with you some activities that have been successful in my classes and I’d love to hear new ideas from the audience. Plan on bringing your Android or iOS (iPhone, iPad) mobile device so you can experiment hands-on with the app.

If you’re attending, but can’t make it to our workshop

We’ll be at the Exhibitors’ Hall during the officially scheduled hours (noon to 4pm CT on Thursday and 8am to 2pm CT on Friday), we’re getting to Chicago on Wednesday and we’re staying the weekend. We’ll be glad to schedule one-on-one demos with those who won’t be in Chicago until Saturday.

If you’ll miss the AATSP this year

Don’t worry, just email us at info@extemporeapp.com and we’ll be happy to schedule a virtual demo.