Extempore on Google Chromebooks

Perhaps you’re already using a Google Chromebook. There’s a lot to like about Chromebooks: they’re easy to use, cheap, and very secure. People are catching on to this, too, as they outpaced Macs in sales this year in the U.S.

And if you’re a fan of Chromebooks, or if you’re interested in trying one, there’s good news. The upcoming Chrome Operating System (OS) update will now include Android’s Google Play Store, which means users will be able to install any Android app and run them offline. You’ll get all the benefits of your favorite phone- or tablet-based apps (like Extempore!) but with the ease-of-use of your Chromebook’s OS.

But what does this mean for Extempore users? Well, if your school or school district already uses Chromebooks for educational purposes (and many already are), students and teachers will soon be able to download and run the full Extempore Android app natively via their Chromebooks with a mouse and keyboard, thus enhancing their experience.