Five things to love about Extempore’s refreshed web interface

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Yes, all great products periodically go through the self-review process of analyzing how their web interface flows and coming up with improvements. That is what we just did.  We are launching a redesigned web interface for instructors and here are five things to love about it.

  • Faster instructor experience. You are now less clicks away from listening to your students’ speaking practice from the moment you decide to use Extempore.
  • More guided assessment creation. When creating an assessment, brief descriptions appear to the right of the screen letting you know how each assessment feature behaves and what choices you have.


  • Ability to sort students (and everything else) alphabetically. Students’ submissions used to appear in the order in which they were received by the system. Now you decide.
  • Ability to control video playback and download. By popular demand, downloading students’ video submissions is now possible, as well as rewinding to the exact second you want to play back and double check (did this student actually say that!?).
  • A slick, more streamlined look. You’ll notice some buttons’ sizes, colors and placement have changed. Believe it or not, there’s a science to making a website flow better and the sizes, colors and location of the items you click on matter. We are proud to say that ours not only looks better now, but also offers a smoother user experience.

The revamped website and all the exciting changes that go with it begin rolling out starting Friday!