Headsets brought to you by Extempore

Looking for headsets to enhance the Extempore experience? 

Our headsets are an affordable option for any classroom. Use them to take advantage of our group interpersonal feature, Extempore Sync, or simply host whole classroom individual speaking and listening practice without the added pressure of their peers listening to them. Teachers also benefit from having clear student audio responses to which provide feedback and grade, while also not needing to worry about microphones picking up background sound (and other student responses in the same room). 

Our 3.5mm Noise Canceling Stereo Headset is designed for superb sound quality and a comfortable fit. Each headset features:

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  • Adjustable headband to provide a comfortable fit for all head sizes, making it perfect for both children and adults.

  • Leather ear pads for added comfort during extended use.

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  • 40mm dynamic driver delivering rich, powerful sound.

  • 3.5mm 4 barrel or USB-C connection establishing a secure and reliable connection to student devices.

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  • 63-inch reinforced wire so students have plenty of room to move around while ensuring no interruptions.

  • Noise-canceling microphone and headset providing the ideal classroom environment for speaking and listening practice.

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