How it Works

Extempore allows language teachers to develop students' reading, writing, listening, speaking, and cultural skills in a target language. Accessible on all devices, Extempore facilitates daily tasks and formal assessments, creating more opportunities to help students achieve linguistic proficiency and cultural competence.

Use Extempore for

All three modes of communication

Podium speaking

presentational speaking + writing

Configure parameters to ensure spontaneous output

Interpersonal speaking

live interpersonal speaking

Record live conversations and host prompts with Extempore Sync

Reading listening

interpretive reading + listening

Craft tasks with authentic language and resources

Use Extempore for

Building proficiency and confidence

Digital portfolios

Digital Portfolios

Measure student progress and analyze data

Personalized feedback

Personalized Feedback

Give text or in-line audiovisual comments to guide students



Encourage students to reflect on progress and feedback

Use Extempore for

Exam preparation

Timing parameters

timing parameters

Limit preparation and response time

Sample exams

sample exams

Import or create your own mock exams, whether for AP, STAMP, AAPL, or any other high-stakes assessment

Assessment security

assessment security

Ensure academic integrity with numerous safeguards unique to Extempore