Multiple Choice Questions Are Here! [Extempore Update]

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As we do every year, we use the summer break to push updates to the platform. Some of these updates are major new features; but many others are small tweaks, performance and usability improvements that are reported to us during the year. That being said, we’re excited to announce the first one of the summer!

This was a big and very anticipated update, multiple choice questions! Also included in this release is the ability to change the Extempore Timers individually at the question level, not just at the assessment level.

Please note: If your students will be accessing Extempore through the mobile app, make sure they are updated before assigning this activity type.

Guide to Creating a Multiple Choice Activity

To watch a complete video tutorial click here or on the image below! We also have a detailed step-by-step written article that you can check out here.

Tutorial for Grading a Multiple Choice Activity

Like above, click here or on the image below to see the full tutorial on grading! Check out the written step-by-step guide here.

Question Level Extempore Timers

Another highly requested feature included in this update is the ability to manually change the time to review and time to respond at the question level. Before, the Extempore Timers were only set at the assessment level. To see how you can now take advantage of this new ability, take a look at this help article!

Do you have a feature request?

As usual, please continue to send us your suggestions for improvements and new feature ideas! Your feedback is what drives our prioritization process and helps create a better tool for educators like yourself!