New Release

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We are happy to announce Extempore’s new major release, which includes some highly requested new features:

  • You can now provide audio feedback: from the “grading” tab instructors can add not only a numeric score and written comments, but also record audio comments as part of the grade (available now in Android, next week in Apple devices).
  • You now have the ability to copy a class: from the LMS just click on “Copy Class” and select a name for the new class.
  • You can now copy an assessment: like above, just select a destination class.
  • Forgiveness is divine: did the dog lock your student’s assessment before they had a chance to complete it? That’s unfortunate, but you can now unlock it from the grading tab.
  • Major usability improvements on the LMS, including simplification on the assessment creation pages.

We continue to hear great feedback from the instructors and students who have used Extempore this last semester, but if you have comments or questions, please do not hesitate to write to

Thanks again for your support.

The Extempore Team