Official Statement from Extempore on AP® Exams

We at Extempore are all about building proficiency and helping your students develop their skills in the target language that you teach, no matter what language or level. Many high school students in the US with high enough proficiency go on to take credit-bearing AP exams around May of each year. Extempore is great for preparing students for AP exams; however, because of some confusion we have had in the past, we have to clarify a few things.

What can you do on Extempore for AP® practice?

As an assessment platform, Extempore allows instructors to create all sorts of prompts for what they need, whether for all four skills (reading, speaking, listening, writing) or all three modes (interpretive, presentational, interpersonal). One of the many benefits of the Extempore platform is the ability to mimic any type of standardized or high-stakes assessment, whether that’s AP, STAMP, AAPPL, WIDA, or anything else.

Because Extempore allows you to set time parameters and customize questions, instructors can create assessments that behave and appear, from a student’s perspective, just like official ones. And you can analyze student responses whether from persuasive essays, email replies, or simulated conversation: once recorded, you can obtain a secure, spontaneous verbal answer from your students, and download an MP3 file with that content.


While Extempore can mimic the AP assessment and provides an ideal platform to hone the skills needed to excel on the exam, Extempore is not affiliated with nor endorsed by the College Board, the organization that organizes and administers all AP assessments, and thus we do not function as an official platform for the assessment. All practice materials provided for AP exams here on Extempore are just that: practice materials.

AP® is a trademark registered by the College Board, which is not affiliated with, and does not endorse, Extempore.