Oral language assessments – let’s do the math!

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Here’s something you probably haven’t thought about – how much time does it REALLY take you to perform oral exams with your students? Here is some simple math that we can use to explain why one of our most common tasks, oral assessments, are so frustrating.

Let’s use this simple formula:

(SS*Mns+SS*Log)*Cl= PAIN

What does this mean? Let’s see:

SS= Students

Mns = Minutes

Log  = Logistics

Cl = Number of Classes

PAIN = Pain!

Let’s apply this to a normal instructor:

  • I have 30 students in my French class
  • I want to schedule a 10 minute oral exam with each of them
  • It takes me 2 minutes to switch students, welcome them into my office, have them sit down.
  • And, of course, I have 2 classes!

So with these variables, how do I measure my pain index? Well, here at Extempore, we measure in minutes:

(30*10+30*2)*2= 720

(30 Students *10 Minutes Exams +30 Students *2 Minutes to switch)*2 classes= 720 minutes = 12 hours to schedule oral exams!

Math doesn’t lie – going forward, use Extempore for your oral exams!