Extempore’s New Release – Archiving Classes and Email Notifications

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Extempore 4.6 is now available with two highly sought-after features:

Archiving Classes

You can now archive old classes. Archiving a class will remove it from your Classes tab, unenroll all students and delete all attempts. The content of an archived class can be restored from the “Archived Classes” page, but students and attempts cannot be restored.

To Archive a class, just click on the “Archive Class” button, under the three dots in the Manage Classes page, and accept the warning.

To restore a class, access your “Archived Classes” page and select which class you want to restore. As stated above, please be aware that you can’t restore students, or their attempts.

Email Notifications

Extempore can now notify your students in two situations:

a) When an assessment becomes available

b) 24 hours before an assessment is due.

Notifications will be sent via email to the student’s address on record. Students can turn off notifications from their student page.