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Ongoing Webinars & Trainings

To best support our users, we at Extempore love offering professional development opportunities, from demonstrational trainings to more topic-specific webinars. We provide these to showcase new features, share ideas on using Extempore in your class, and get to know you better so that we can make Extempore better. Some of our past webinars have focused on unique ways to use Extempore, and others have even featured speakers like 2020 ACTFL Teacher of the Year Rebecca Blouwolff, Dr. Florencia Henshaw, and Dr. Rich Madel.

PD Extravaganza

Be sure to also check out our PD Extravaganza, hosted every summer for our users and the greater teaching community. PD Extravaganza is a free event of professional development featuring a spectacle of SLA pedagogy, and a plethora of proficiency. All in one place! This event includes presentations and discussions on relevant topics in world language pedagogy, led by top instructors, researchers and professionals in the field. Learn about our 2023 PD Extravaganza here and watch previous recordings from the event here

Find Past PD Sessions on YouTube

You can find previously recorded webinars, workshops, and other helpful videos directly on our YouTube channel. Check out some of them below, hosted by our Community Manager Grant!

Interpersonal Speaking: Pedagogical Considerations and Practical Challenges with Dr. Florencia Henshaw

This webinar explores the key characteristics of interpersonal communication, and also reviews speaking proficiency guidelines, which inform not only the tasks being created but also how  to assess students' performance.

Communicative Tasks on Extempore

This webinar highlights a range of ways to use communicative tasks on Extempore to enhance students’ speaking skills. Both of the presenters will take you through examples of practical tasks and strategies of how to assess students on Extempore.

Using Extempore as a Tool for Interpersonal and Interpretive Follow-up

In this presentation, learn ways to connect assessments on Extempore with what they have done in the classroom, and come away with ideas of how to make this a part of the everyday class structure.

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You can find all of our uploaded webinars also in this playlist (more to come!).
All trainings, webinars, and resources provided are always available for no cost.