Reusing a class from one semester or year to the next

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Whether you use it for summative assessments just for regular speaking practice, Extempore is designed to save you time, and one of the best ways to do that is to avoid rework from one term to the next.

Here are the four simple steps necessary to reuse a class:

1.- Copy the class you want to reuse

This will create a “shell” of a class, meaning, a new class that has all the assignments of the old class, but no students or grades.


2.-Name the new class

3.- Archive the old class (Optional)

If you want to clean up your interface, you can archive old classes. This will remove them from the “Manage Class” screen and move them to the Archived Classes page, under your username’s drop down.

IMPORTANT: Archiving a class will permanently delete all student work and grades, and will unenroll everyone from your class. This cannot be undone.

4.-Invite your students to the new class

Your new, copied, class has a brand new class link for you to send to students… just like you did last year!

Bonus: Send to Colleague Feature

If you and your colleagues want to share your created classes or activities to one another you can! Check out our helpful guide in our knowledge base.


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