Extempore’s July Release

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Managing Students

Extempore’s recent release has re-structured how classes and students are presented, in order to make it easier to re-use a class’ content from one semester or school year to the next.

The “Students” tab has been removed and all its functionality is now on the”Manage Class” page, where you’ll see all students who have signed up to that course. Here, you can change a student’s user name, their password and email, and remove them from your class if needed (please note that removing a student from a class will not delete the student’s account, it will simply delete whatever content they have created in that class and that class only).

Reusing a class this fall?

If you have an Extempore class that you wish to reuse with a new set of students, just follow these steps:

  1. Access a class through the “Manage Class” screen.
  2. Copy the class you wish to reuse using the “Copy Class” function.
    1. This will create a brand new class, without any students.
  3. Edit the class as needed
  4. Invite new students using the class link, as usual.

New Features

Other changes in this release include a My Account page (accessible from the drop down under your user name) where you can renew, upgrade and add students to your subscription as well as editing your profile information.

Lastly, you can now download a student’s assignment. If you use Extempore for AP or IB practice or submissions, the Audio files will be .mp3 and already named with the student and assignment information.

Questions or feedback? We are here to help: support@extemporeapp.com.