Extempore Reviewed by The Edtech Roundup

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What’s The Edtech Roundup?

Extempore was just reviewed by The EdTech Roundup! If you’re unfamiliar, The Roundup is run by Mike Karlin, who has over a decade of classroom experience and is currently a Ph.D. candidate at Indiana University’s Instructional Systems Technology program.

The review gives an overview of what Extempore is, goes in depth on how it works, and shares what features really stand out.

Here’s a snippet from the review:

“Language learning is all about practice opportunities and feedback.  In today’s classrooms, both of those things can be hard to come by, especially given increasing class sizes.  Extempore does a wonderful job of allowing teachers to provide additional practice and feedback in an asynchronous, online environment.  This greatly expands the opportunities that students can have for practice and feedback, and does so in a way that is incredibly easy to use and navigate.”


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