School tour task

Create an audio-visual prompt on Extempore in which you (i.e. the teacher) play the role of an international/exchange student new to your institution. Ask the students to provide in the target language a virtual “tour” of the school, in which they highlight physical features of the school (gymnasium, cafeteria, student union), important aspects of school curricula (i.e. arts department, physical sciences, etc.), well-known faculty members, or elements of the school culture (i.e. sports programs).

Alternatively, you may consider turning this activity “inside-out” to make it a listening comprehension activity. Prepare several audio prompts on Extempore in the target language of different buildings or spots in the school or on campus and ask students to identify the location. For a chapter or unit on physical characteristics, prepare audio prompts in which the features or personality traits of well known teachers are described. Then simply ask students to identify these individuals, thus demonstrating comprehension of the unit’s vocabulary.