Troubleshooting – Chrome and Firefox Issue might affect Extempore on Mac Laptops

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It has recently been reported that a bug between Chromium (the backend used by internet browsers Firefox and Chrome) and the CoreAudio library of macOS might cause Chrome to fail to connect to the laptop’s microphone and camera when the laptop is woken up from sleep.


If you use Extempore’s student web experience on a MacBook Air or MacBook pro, this issue might result in an inability to submit: the system will seem to be recording correctly, but upon hitting stop, no “submit” button will appear.


If this happens to you, please power down and restart your computer, or simply access Extempore on your mobile device by downloading the free app and logging in with your same user name and password.

On November 3rd, Google reported that a fix will be shipped in Chrome 63 (for macOS 10.10 and higher).

Please click here for instructions on how to upgrade your Chrome Browser when a new version is released.

As usual, please do not hesitate to contact Extempore at with any questions.