Unique Scavenger Hunts for Your Classes

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Do you need a couple of fun activity ideas to fight end-of-the-year boredom? Do you love scavenger hunts for language learning? If you answered yes to both questions, this post is for you.

Scavenger Hunt Idea # 1

Have students record short videos about a personal experience (for example, your best summer vacation, your best birthday party, your ideal house, your ideal job). Assign the videos for homework and give students time to prepare what they will say. Warn them that other students will also see the videos the next day in class. You can download the videos and post in the course website, so that other students have access, or you can have students work in groups and show their videos among themselves. In groups, students watch 3 or 4 of the videos and prepare scavenger hunt statements. You then collect all statements and distribute them among the individual members of each group. Each person then has a unique set of statements, a unique scavenger hunt that they need to complete by asking questions around the classroom.

Scavenger Hunt Idea # 2

Have students record for homework a detailed description of their family, including names and ages of family members and pets. You then type up one scavenger hunt that includes unique details about each of your students’ families. Students complete the activity the next week in class.

Although it may take a little longer to plan one of these personalized scavenger hunts, they have the added benefit of building community among your students. Plus, learning more personal information about your students and letting them know that you remember is an awesome way to develop teacher-student rapport.

Using Extempore Instead

In Extempore you can select if you want a student to complete an activity on their own or in an Extempore Room, which is a collaborative activity. Additionally, you control how you want students to respond (video, audio, or text), how much time they have to review (thinking time), and how much time they have to respond. Ready to give it a try?

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