Using Extempore for PTE Speaking Practice

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We’ve shown numerous times on our blog that Extempore is the perfect educational tool for speaking practice, especially in the world language classroom. It’s useful for anything from interactive classroom activities to extra speaking practice at home. However, because of Extempore’s unique features, which I’ll talk about below, it can also be particularly handy for someone preparing to take Pearson’s PTE Speaking test.


The PTE Academic is a computer-based exam designed by Pearson Education to assess the language proficiency of non-native English speakers for the purposes of work or university study abroad. According to the Pearson PTE website, the exam is accepted by thousands of institutions worldwide.

A component of this exam is the PTE Academic Speaking, which has several different test items, all of which occur under timed conditions. If you’ve been reading our blog or have already tried Extempore, you probably already know that demonstrating spoken proficiency under timed conditions is what Extempore is all about, which makes it the perfect tool for PTE Speaking prep! Here are a way specific examples:

  • One of the PTE Speaking test items is called Repeat Sentence, in which the test taker hears a recording of a sentence and then repeats it, demonstrating command of standard pronunciation and intonation. On our blog, we’ve written a lot about Extempore as a tool to improve pronunciation. It’s very easy for someone, say a teacher or a personal tutor, to create an audio prompt via Extempore and then ask the test taker to listen to the prompt and then repeat it, just as he or she would do on the PTE. And what’s more, the teacher/tutor can provide detailed audio feedback on Extempore to help improve pronunciation and intonation
  • Another one of the PTE Speaking test items is Describe Image, in which the test taker sees some sort of image, such as a map, a chart, a graph, etc., and then must describe it within a predetermined length of time. The ability to upload images to create a conversation prompt on Extempore has always been one of our key features and surely would help any student prepare for this portion of the PTE.


  • A third test item is Retell Lecture, in which the test taker hears a snippet of an academic lecture and then must retell, in his or her own words, its primary objective. This sort of situation is easily replicable on Extempore: a teacher or tutor could provide a sample audio prompt, such as a short narration or even the main points of a classroom lecture, and ask the student/test taker to summarize it, thus giving him or her sample speaking practice while prepping for the test itself.


We can’t emphasize enough that Extempore is such a useful tool for PTE Speaking prep and general speaking practice because of our innovative timers, which mimic the conditions that test takers experience on the exam itself. Speaking into a computer under timed conditions can be an anxiety-producing experience, but a student who is accustomed to using Extempore and operating within timing parameters would be a seasoned pro by the time of test day.

The best way to prepare is to practice, we all know that. For this reason, we wanted to give 29 speaking activities in an eBook that you can download and use today, for FREE. Just click the image link below.
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