Get your students
to talk with The
Speaking Practice App

Extempore is the platform created by
teachers to assign simulated conversations
and other fluency building activities.


"We created Extempore as a way to ensure that all our students spoke more in class. There is really no other tool that has all a teacher needs to do oral activities and provide feedback to their students."

Susana Pérez-Castillejo, PhD

Assistant Professor of Spanish Linguistics, and Co-Founder of Extempore

Why EXtempore

Timing parameters prevent students from scripting their responses before recording.

No file management - quick access
to your students’ work from your
phone or tablet.

Instructors provide written or audio feedback; a built-in, customizable rubric makes for easy grading.

Instructors create their content, ensuring that it best fits the needs of their classes and students.

Research shows using Extempore makes students less anxious about speaking in a foreign language class.

Our Price is simple


(free for students)


Institutions pay $8.99 per student
per year (under 30 students,
lower cost for higher numbers)


(free for institutions)


Students pay $8.99 per course

Unlimited free instructor accounts
Unlimited storage of student work while account is active
Create and manage unlimited courses
Create and edit unlimited video, image or audio assessments
Score with customizable rubric
Provide text or audio feedback
Unlimited instructor training
Unlimited support
Grade on Web or App
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