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Use Extempore For...

Real-World Tasks

Order food. Make weekend plans. Interview for a job. Introduce yourself to a new friend. Use tasks and bring language to life.

High Stakes Exam Practice

Prepare your language learners for exams like STAMP, AAPPL, AP, ACCESS, TELPAS and more with pre-made assessments and customizable parameters.

Interpretive Listening Practice

Provide students with comprehensible input and gauge their comprehension with multiple choice questions.

Open Ended Speaking Practice

Use authentic resources to elicit responses to videos, images, texts, or even your own voice.

Live Conversations

Interpersonal speaking with Extempore Sync — real-time, recordable, scorable conversations.

Oral Readings

Simple, consistent output with minimal pressure on students. Practice using emotion, rehearse a skit, or get comfortable with a new script.

Freewrites / Freetalks

No grammar or vocabulary requirements, just your students using the language they know. Set a timer and start writing!


Reflect on cultural differences. Ask questions about customs. Discuss what it means to hold certain values. Learn about the world.

How It Works

Create an Assignment

Whether you want to assess listening skills, create extra opportunities for speaking, or pair students together in live rooms, Assignments allow for unlimited possibilities.
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Assign to Students

Schedule assignments to go live in the future, or assign them for immediate completion. Customize parameters to meet your students' unique needs.
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Students Complete

Whether speaking, listening, reading, or writing, students can complete assignments from anywhere with an internet-connected device.
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Give Feedback

In the all-in-one Gradebook, review, manage, score and give personalized feedback to student responses.
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Measure Progress

View students’ language progress in their individual portfolio.
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Easily Integrate the Tools You Need

From auto rostering all your students into our platform, to assignment linking and two way immediate grade syncing; save time and have a seamless experience with the platforms you already use.

Student Submissions
Teacher-Created Questions
Recording Hours


"When we want them to speak, write, and listen, we can do everything."

Mihoko Yamamura Japanese teacher, Richardson ISD, Texas

"Saving time, building speaking skills, and monitoring progress."

Kelly Mendoza Spanish teacher, District 230, Illinois

"It's just a lot of good practice leading up to ACCESS and from the platforms I've used and seen it definitely looks the most like what ACCESS looks like, which is super beneficial for the students."

Samantha Yatsonksy ESOL Educational Ascociate, Baltimore City Public Schools, Maryland

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