Extempore for English Language Learners

The Extempore platform allows instructors to host professionally designed language tasks across all domains and proficiency levels. With a focus on adaptability, Extempore allows instructors to quickly scaffold a variety of tasks to engage learners in authentic academic language practice. In addition, ready-to-use tasks for WIDA ACCESS, TELPAS, and everyday practice are available to help instructors prepare learners for high-stakes exams.

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Portfolios to Capture Growth

View each student's language journey.
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Differentiated Language Practice

Differentiate activities to support individual needs.
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Building Confident Speakers

Engage students in consistent practice to build confidence and proficiency.

Supporting High-Stakes ELL Exams

By integrating Extempore and its tasks into their ELL classrooms, instructors can prepare learners for high-stakes exams like TELPAS and WIDA ACCESS. At the same time, teachers can cultivate the communication skills needed for real-world interactions.

  • Tailored Language Practice: We offer pre-made importable tasks built with scaffolds like sentence starters and word banks, ensuring multilingual learners receive the support they need. With the ability to customize premade tasks, instructors can individualize student experiences.

  • Versatile Content Integration: Extempore supports diverse content types, ensuring consistent engagement and challenges for multilingual learners across all domains.

  • Benchmarking and Progress Monitoring: Beyond just practice, Extempore provides a holistic view of a student's progress, allowing both teachers and coordinators to make data-driven decisions throughout the school year.

  • Academic Approach: Our ELL Commons library offers hundreds of tasks across content areas, preparing students to use academic language in their ELL classes and other content courses.


Extempore offers practice assessments for all domains, grade level clusters, and tiers specific to the ACCESS test.

TELPAS Exam Prep

Prepare your emergent bilinguals for the TELPAS exam with our practice tasks serving students from grades 2-12 across all domains.

Additional High-Stakes Exam Support

Extempore is also compatible with several high-stakes exams, including AP and STAMP. Benefit from a diverse content library and academic integrity features to elicit authentic responses and ensure readiness.

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