Supporting Minnesota's Bilingual Seals

We are proud to partner with the Minnesota Department of Education by hosting Bilingual Seal Assessments on the Extempore platform for Amharic, Dakota, Hmong, Karen, Ojibwe, Oromo, Somali and Vietnamese. The Seal recognizes graduating high school students’ proficiency in languages other than English, and it can earn students free college credit depending on their outcome. Thanks to a grant, through 2025, all Seal assessments taken on Extempore will be provided free of charge. Information on practice assessments on Extempore can be found below.

Access Free Practice Tests

As an official testing platform for Minnesota's Bilingual Seal Assessment, Extempore offers students an authentic preparation experience through practice assessments, mimicking the format of what students will see on the actual exam. Educators can request our practice exams available below to help students familiarize themselves with the test environment and experience of the official MN Seal Assessment.


Listening & Reading Practice•
3 Reading prompts
3 Listening prompts
2-4 Multiple choice questions
Speaking & Writing Practice
STAMP WS practice page 3 Speaking prompts
STAMP writing examples 3 Writing prompts
*Note: For listening and reading, you will see a numeric score within Extempore, but it might not be a predictor of your final outcome on the bilingual seal exam.

Educators who would like to learn more about Bilingual Seals practice assessments or have general inquiries about the Seal, should contact Extempore’s Bilingual Seal expert Lisa Parra Staves at Additionally, districts who are ready to order MDE Bilingual Seal Assessments can get started with the process by visiting this webpage.

Finally, Educators interested in procuring practice content can fill out the form below.

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