Avant Sample Assessments

Looking for ways to prepare your students for Avant’s STAMP Test? Good news! Extempore is Avant Assessment’s official partner to provide STAMP and official practice. By combining the versatility of Extempore’s platform with the engaging real-world content from Avant, set your students up for success with the pre-made importable practice activities below. For more information and resources please visit Avant’s STAMP Power Up Guide and Writing Examples.


Avant seal

Seal of Biliteracy

Hundreds of districts use Avant's STAMP 4S™ proficiency test to qualify students for the state and Global Seals of Biliteracy awards and use the Avant STAMP 4Se™ test to put younger students on the path to earning the seals.

Avant measure growth

Measure Growth

By delivering accurate data on students' real-world language proficiency levels, Avant STAMP™ facilitates progress monitoring through measurement of individual, group, and program growth.

Avant gauge quality

Gauge Program Quality

Avant STAMP™ provides constructive analysis and data for program development, enabling educators to improve language learning outcomes and make more informed decisions on curriculum and training.

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Spanish Reading Novice A

Spanish Reading Novice B

Spanish Reading Intermediate

Spanish Reading Advanced

Spanish Listening Novice A

Spanish Listening Novice B

Spanish Listening Intermediate

Spanish Listening Advanced

French Reading Novice

French Reading Intermediate

French Reading Advanced

French Listening Novice A

French Listening Novice B

French Listening Intermediate

French Listening Advanced

Chinese Reading Novice A

Chinese Reading Novice B

Chinese Reading Intermediate

Chinese Reading Advanced

Chinese Listening Novice A

Chinese Listening Novice B

Chinese Listening Intermediate

Chinese Listening Advanced