A Guide to Extempore Commons

Extempore Commons, our robust library of importable practice and assessment content for both ESL and world language, is an integral part of the Extempore platform. For more, watch the short overview video below.

With Commons, you can use the filters to find the precise assessment or practice that you are looking for. So whether that's a novice-level French warm-up or simulated conversation practice for AP exams, you'll be able to find whatever you need. 

ESL Commons

Within the commons tab in your account, you'll also see a tab for ESL Commons. This section contains assessments aligned to high-stakes exams like TELPAS and WIDA ACCESS. Filter by grade, domain, and relevant tags to find the precise practice or high stakes assessment that you need.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Using Commons

  1. Log in to your Extempore account and click on the "Commons" tab on the top menu bar.

  2. Use the filters to narrow down your search, whether you're looking for a specific language, level, or mode of communication.

  3. Once you've found what you need, click on the tile, scroll down, and click "import." You'll be prompted to log in, add the assessment to one of your classes, and then set a start and end date.

  4. Upon importing, you can then go into the assessment from your Extempore account and modify it however you please. 

Content Spotlight: AP, STAMP, ACCESS, TELPAS

Extempore is the platform for high stakes exam preparation. Learn more about the various practices we provide for each exam, and click the subheading titles for more information.

AP® World Language Exams:

From interpretive tasks to presentational prompts, our Commons database houses ample AP practice content.

Avant's STAMP Test:

In partnership with Avant Assessment, Extempore offers STAMP practice tasks in Commons. Prepare your students for Seal of Biliteracy exams and monitor their language growth.


Preparing students for the WIDA ACCESS exam? Extempore's Commons offers professionally crafted assessments that align with the exam’s domains, grade levels, and tiers.

The TELPAS Exam:

Use our TELPAS-specific practice content in Commons to help your students grow familiar with the exam format and build confidence. Find tasks for students from grades 2-12 across all domains.

Organization Commons

Extempore Commons is not limited to our content created in-house. For institutions seeking to standardize their curriculum and house assessments in one place, we offer Organization Commons: a private library of assessments accessible only to members of your institution. The process is simple.

  • Organization Commons, available exclusively to paid accounts, can be set up upon request. 

  • Once created, administrators and/or teachers can share assessments across an organization and import valuable shared by colleagues.

  • Content can be adjusted or updated as needed, and we can always help with additions and removals.

Click here to talk to a team member to learn more about Commons or setting up Organization Commons for your program.

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