How to Buy

Extempore is offered with two types of licenses: learner-paid and institution-paid.


(free for students)


Institutions pay $8.99 per student
per year (volume discounts available)


(free for institutions)


Students pay
$8.99 per course

Unlimited free instructor accounts
Unlimited storage of student work while account is active
Create and manage unlimited courses
Create and edit unlimited video, image or audio assessments
Score with customizable rubric
Provide text or audio feedback
Unlimited instructor training
Unlimited support
Grade on Web or App
Open free 30 day trial Open free account


In the institutional model, a school or clinic will license Extempore for a maximum number of students, with a volume discount for larger subscriptions.

Once an institution is subscribed to Extempore, all students in that institution will have access to the app. Similar to the learner-paid model, the instructor will have access to a code for each class. Sending the code to their students enables the students to enroll in a class.

A subscription to Extempore costs $8.99 per student per year for the first 30 students. This includes unlimited classes and instructor accounts, plus training, sample activities, and support. Aggresive discounts are available for larger groups.


In the learner-paid model, Extempore is licensed for free to instructors and therapists, who can create as many assessments as needed in our

When ready to sign up a class or individual student, the instructor will email a system-generated unique code to his or her students. This code will take the student to a payment page where they can buy access to the class with any major credit card.

The cost to the student is $8.99 (USD) per class.