Our Solution

Extempore eliminates the need for an expensive language lab for speaking and listening practice. Students work on their computers or mobile devices. Timing parameters ensure spontaneous responses.

You create your classes and assessments on Extempore’s website.

You determine how much time students can have to prepare their answer.

Students hear or watch the prompts on the app or computer and record their responses.

You grade and provide audio or written feedback on your computer or device.

Benefits for the Teacher

  • The teacher is freed from scheduling, and rescheduling, multiple interviews.
  • The teacher is freed from the logistics of managing multiple sound files.
  • The teacher does not lose instructional time.
  • The teacher receives extemporaneous speech, not scripted responses.
  • The teacher, now freed from time constraints, can more frequently and more easily assess students’ listening and speaking skills.
  • The teacher has the choice to grade on a computer or on-the-go using a mobile device.

Benefits for the Student

  • Students can complete formal speaking and listening assessments during times that meet the needs of their schedules.
  • Students are more frequently asked to formally use their speaking and listening skills, thereby increasing their learning.
  • Student anxiety related to face-to-face interviews is reduced.
  • Students receive quick and easily accessible feedback from their teacher.
  • Students build a portfolio which tracks their speaking progress.