Why EXtempore

Extempore allows instructors to obtain and assess authentic speech without having to schedule face to-face time with each student. Instructors can now create an activity on the Extempore website, selecting a set of parameters for each question, depending on the learning objectives. When configuring a final exam or any other form of summative assessment, for example, the teacher may limit the time the student has between reviewing the prompt and answering the question.

The Extempore app also allows the instructor to decide whether students can re-record their answers. For practice assignments or for any other form of formative assessment, on the other hand, timing restrictions can be more flexible.

The Extempore
method consists of
four easy steps

Key Features

Ensure spontaneity by limiting the time students have to prepare and respond.

Push grades to your students’ devices with a simple tap.

Randomize questions so different students receive different prompts. needs of your class.

Export your grade book and import it into your LMS

Customize the rubric to suit your needs and the needs of your class.