Drop In and Other Exciting Updates to Extempore Sync

Some big news to share: synchronous rooms on Extempore now come equipped with Extempore Drop In. Get ready to— metaphorically and safely — parachute in from above to drop in on your students' live interpersonal conversations within Extempore Sync. For more, watch the overview video and read up on all the details below.

What is Extempore Drop In and why should I use it?

Extempore drop in allows teachers to "drop in" to live interpersonal conversations taking place via Extempore Sync. Teachers can use the drop in feature for any number of reasons, including

  • Keeping students on task
  • Providing assistance to student groups, and
  • Participating with students in the target language

Over the past few years that we've had Sync, ample requests have come in from instructors wanting to observe these conversations in real time, and now they can! Drop In adds yet another level of functionality for Extempore's cloud-based language lab. 

More Updates for Sync! 

While we know you are blown away by Drop In, we have more to share that's new with Sync. We've made some small quality of life changes to our Sync group conversations, including:

  • Adding a mark as absent button for student participants
  • Allowing for customizable room durations
  • Allowing for groups to be reset before they finish processing

Want to learn more about Extempore and synchronous conversations??

There's much more Extempore can do to help chairs and coordinators manage their language programs. Click the button below to set up a conversation with someone from our team.

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