AP® Exam Preparation on Extempore - Section 1: Input-based Multiple Choice

The first half of the AP Language and Culture exam is the interpretive section. Here, students will exhibit reading comprehension by reading a variety of printed texts and responding to multiple choice questions. The second half of the interpretive section combines reading and listening comprehension, with students having to synthesize and analyze information from more than one source in order to successfully answer multiple choice questions.

Creating multiple choice practice assessments is a breeze in Extempore. You can upload an image of an authentic text and create your own questions, or use questions that have already been created. We can take it one step further by also uploading an audio clip from an authentic source to mimic the experience of combined print and audio texts, all within a single assessment.

AP Multiple Choice on Extempore
Instructors can easily craft multiple choice questions on Extempore to mimic the AP exam.

Any authentic resource you have can be designed into AP practice questions. Pose prompts to students about..

  • the theme
  • organizational features
  • tone
  • symbolism
  • inferencing
  • the author’s perspective or purpose, and
  • predictions

Give students four choices: one correct answer, one obviously incorrect answer and two distractors - choices that could be partially correct but don’t have enough detail to be fully correct. Make your assessment in Extempore, and get practicing right away! 

Rejoinders for AP Chinese

        Don’t worry - we didn’t forget that AP Chinese has a unique section with 'rejoinders' not found in the exams of other languages. With rejoinders, students first listen to a short audio clip and then select the most logical response to that clip. Students listen to four different audio responses as answers and then select the one they feel is most logical. 

        This is easily replicated on Extempore via multiple choice question creation. Unlike the example above, where text responses make up the multiple choice selections, instructors can simply add an audio clip as the original question, then the answer choices as individual audio files. 

        Rejoinders on Extempore
        Upload audio files for both the question prompt and the multiple choice answers to create an authentic rejoinders prompt

        AP preparation on Extempore. It's a cinch! 

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        AP Exam Preparation on Extempore: Section 1

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