Practice questions for Avant’s STAMP™ assessments are now available to Extempore users for free.

St. Paul, MN - Extempore is pleased to announce that Avant Assessment, a leader in online, adaptive language proficiency assessments, will provide practice tests for the Avant STAMP™ assessment on Extempore’s online platform for language practice and classroom performance assessment. On Extempore, instructors can create and customize language assessments and assignments, providing students with new avenues to showcase linguistic proficiency.

Avant STAMP (STAndards-based Measurement of Proficiency) measures proficiency levels in Reading, Writing, Listening, and Speaking. STAMP is widely used in school districts and institutions of higher education to measure growth, award learners credit by exam, and qualify students for the State or Global Seals of Biliteracy.

“I see great potential in this alliance since the missions of Extempore and Avant align well. Both companies aim to improve the teaching and learning of languages through regular practice and effective assessment,” said Carlos Seaone, CEO of Extempore. “This alliance strengthens the ability of both Avant and Extempore to support school districts and students across the US through high-quality language education and better prepare them for the STAMP test that can qualify them for State or Global Seals of Biliteracy”.

In addition to the STAMP practice tests, Avant will provide Extempore users with access to examples of writing responses at various proficiency levels to provide a clear understanding of what is expected at each level, as well as the Avant Power Up Guide that shows both learners and educators how to level up their language skills. Educators who seek to improve their knowledge of the ACTFL Proficiency Guidelines can learn more using Avant ADVANCE™ online teacher training tool, and Avant MORE Learning™ Professional Learning opportunities.

“Avant is very happy to announce this alliance with Extempore. Like Avant, Extempore is a leader in providing 21st-century technology for educators and learners. Extempore enables the practice of real language in either a classroom or a virtual setting. By providing their users with the STAMP practice tests and other Avant support tools, Extempore will help learners to be successful on the actual STAMP test,” said David Bong the Co-Founder and CEO of Avant Assessment.

About Extempore:

Extempore’s versatile platform helps educators build students’ proficiency and confidence through additional opportunities to engage with the target language. Their intuitive interface makes designing assessments and other language practice seamless and fluid. Instructors can even set timers on assessments to best emulate an authentic assessment environment. Create your own tasks or modify pre-made ones (such as the STAMP practice activities) to assess student proficiency. Outside of assessment, teachers can also track student progress using the unique portfolio feature, observing students’ growth over any period of time. For more information, visit

About Avant Assessment:

Avant builds and delivers STAMP, the world’s first online four-skill language proficiency assessment. Avant’s proficiency assessments in 37 languages all align with the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages Proficiency Scale. Each assessment is designed to inspire learners to grow and teachers to be more effective. For more information, visit