Extempore and the Chinese Innovation Forum

Extempore is proud to support the 5th Chinese Innovation Forum, a two-day conference (Oct 25-26, 2019) hosted by the University of Puget Sound in Tacoma, Washington. The Forum is a new initiative, spearheaded by a group of K-16 educators, whose objectives are to jumpstart the conversation on Chinese language and culture education and to provide a platform to colleagues and administrators to collaborate. Extempore’s mission, from its founding, has been to change the way languages are taught and in particular to increase the amount of speaking practice students get in and out of class. Chinese, being a tonal language (not to say the most spoken language in the world!) is one of the most commonly taught languages on the Extempore platform. The Chinese Innovation Forum aligns squarely with Extempore’s mission to improve language teaching and to think out of the box when it comes to new approaches to accelerate acquisition and make language learning more efficient for teachers and engaging for students. We wish the Chinese Innovation Forum much luck in their endeavors and look forward to future collaboration opportunities.