Extempore Co-Founders Interviewed on The TEFLology Podcast

Recently, two of Extempore's co-founders sat down to discuss how technology, pedagogy, and linguistics can be brought together. If you haven't yet listened to TEFLology, it's an excellent podcast "all about teaching English as a foreign language, and related matters." The podcast was started in 2014 by three EFL teachers working Japan (Matthew Schaefer, Matthew Turner, and Robert Lowe) and has grown rather quickly, where it's now receiving over 6,000 episode downloads a month.

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What inspired the creation of Extempore? What are the factors that go into designing a language teaching app? What are some of the ways that Extempore has been used by teachers and learners? See what we had to say in: Episode 95: App Development with the Extempore Team

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