Extempore Parent Guide: My Kid Is Using What?

Extempore is a speaking practice app that provides an oral language assessment tool for teachers (and some added bonuses for parents & students as well). If your child has a teacher that has decided to use Extempore in class, first of all, it means they seriously care about their students’ speaking skills. First piece of good news: you got a good teacher! The good news doesn't stop there. Here are a few additional perks of the new tech your child's teacher has introduced into the classroom.

oral language assessment tool

How Does It Work?

Extempore means speaking or doing something without preparation, spontaneously. Your child's teacher will help them download the app to their smartphone, tablet, or computer, and the student will speak directly into the device. The teacher sets up fun speaking activities or prompts and can also set a time limit for a response so students will need to speak their reply without writing it down or preparing it in advance.

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This spontaneity gets the students really thinking and behaving as though they are having a conversation rather than writing and reading. The responses will be recorded and saved and the teacher can then access each one and provide grades directly within the app.

Why Should I Be Excited About Extempore?

In today's multilingual world, where International travel and global business are becoming regular commodities, speaking multiple languages can open a lot of doors.

Increased practice, increased fluency

With Extempore, your student will be getting more speaking practice than is typical within a language classroom. Logistical issues tend to make it difficult for language teachers to have students speak regularly enough in class. Extempore solves many of those issues. Literally, as soon as Extempore is set up on their device, your child will be speaking more regularly and more spontaneously in the language they are learning. This allows them to retain more of the linguistic skills they need in order to be fluent.

oral language assessment tool

Easily accessible portfolio

With every lesson that your child completes within Extempore, there will be saved recordings of their spoken responses. This allows their teacher to easily access and grade everything within the app itself. This also means there will be an excellent record of your student's speaking progress over time.

When you go to parent-teacher conferences, you can review that progress together with your child's teacher and ask any questions you might have. The teacher can show you real-life examples of where your student is excelling or struggling.

You don't need to wait until conferences to check in on your student's progress, though. Since everything is stored within the Extempore oral language assessment tool app, the app can be downloaded on any smartphone. They can login from anywhere, any time, and proudly display their hard work to you or grandma or any other captive audience.

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