How Much Time Can You Save with Extempore?

Every language teacher knows how difficult it is to get students to speak in class. It is even more difficult, and can be extremely time-consuming, when there is a need to evaluate each student's speaking skills individually.

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Imagine you are a language teacher with 30 students and you need to provide an oral exam to measure your student's ability to speak the language fluently. You'll need to create speaking prompts, find a way for each student to speak their responses to you, and you will need to provide feedback and a grade to every student.

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There are many creative ways you can make these steps happen, but we are going to lay out three possible methods:

  1. Face-to-face oral exam: You will schedule exam meetings with each individual student. They will come into your classroom separately, you will provide prompts, they will speak their responses to you, and you will provide feedback and grades live within the meetings.
  2. Live, In-class: You will have all of your students in your classroom at once, you will provide audible prompts in real-time and your students will use their phones to record their responses. They will email you the files of the recordings, and you will return their emails with their grades and feedback.
  3. Extempore app: You can do this process in class if you'd like, but you can also set it up and students can complete it on their own time. You will set up prompts within the app, you'll be able to choose whether you want students to respond via video or audio, and you can set a time limit for their responses to ensure spontaneity. Students will see the prompts within the Extempore app on their phones and will record their responses directly within the app. As soon as they have completed, you will see their recordings in the Grading within your app and can provide audio or written feedback and a grade which they will see as soon as it's entered.

Below we've broken down the estimated amount of time it takes to complete three steps using the chosen methods. You can see how Extempore can save time in the language classroom:

  1. Creating prompts
  2. Providing prompts to the students & students speaking their responses
  3. Grading & providing feedback
Extempore Time Saving Chart

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